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Frequently asked questions FAQ for Weaved Hair Extensions in Sydney


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Here is the most common questions about hair extensions

What method of hair extensions is used?
How long does hair extension last?

How long do my hair need to be to get hair extensions?
How many lines do I need?
How long does it take to do hair extensions?
How do I choose hair extensions?
How do I manage real hair extensions?
How do I wash real hair extensions?
How do I remove the hair extension?
Can I dye hair extensions?


What method of hair extensions is used?
I use hair extensions with weaving. 
This means that lengths of hair is sewn in with embedded thin braids in their hair. No chemicals, no glue or wax used and the method is considered the gentlest method of hair extensions. The wear is almost non-existent.You can have the extension up to  three months, and hair can be reused several times if it is correctly managed.
This is an excellent way to extend your hair when you also want to save out your own hair. Remember that your hair may need to be cut up a little on the uniform long and thick to blend together with the extensions. The method is also suitable for western european hair that is often very smooth and soft, and easily damaged by hair extensions for example, with wax or glue.
The length of your hair, you decide when you buy it. For this type of hair extension you should have large selection available in a wide variety and quality.

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How long does hair extension last?
You can have hair extension up to three months. It grows out with your own hair and does not come off by itself. In practice, one could have them longer, but it is not recommended, because your own hair needs to be aired, washed and combed out to not be entangled.

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How long does my hair need to be to get hair extensions?
For it to look good with the extension, I recommend that your own hair has a length of 15 cm and it is cut. It is also possible to extend the shorter hair, but then there are some special things to consider. For example, the extension does not usually last as long if your hair is short. Nor is it possible to extend over a maximum of 20 cm.

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How many lines do I need?
The hair is inserted into the 1-4 lines, and the number of lines depends on how long and thick you want your hair, and how your hair looks.
1 line - thicker hair
2 lines - 10-15 cm long hair
3 lines - full hair extension
4 lines - fuller volume extension

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How long does it take to do hair extensions?
Hair extension with the weaving method takes between 2-5 hours, depending on how many rows is to be inserted. In general, it usually takes about one hour per line, plus a little extra time for cutting the hair extensions, which naturally included in the price.

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How do I choose hair extensions?
Choose a hair as much as possible similar to your own. Real hair is in an endless array of colors and finishes. Do you have thin, fine hair, ask for a hair similar to Scandinavian hair. Do you have thicker hair with a little coarse straw so are you looking for a hair extension with similar characteristics. Useful information can be that blonde or curly varieties require little more care, because they are more prepared. Regarding the choice of color, you might want to mix different shades but make sure you have at least a shade similar to your own. I am happy to tell you about where you can buy hair!

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How do I manage real hair extensions?
Real hair extensions are easy to dry, so it is important to have good products that moisturize extensions. Especially the blond and curly varieties of hair needs extra care, since they are more prepared. If your hair easily tangels itself is a sign that it is too dry.
Sensitive hair variants (eg, Indian, blond, curly hair) needs to "leave-in conditioner" 2-3 times a day. Otherwise, it's sufficient with 1 time per day. Always use conditioner when washing your hair.
When styling your hair, remember that the heat dries out both your own hair and extensions. Always use a heat protecting product when you are for example, blow-drying, curling or flat steams hair.

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How do I wash real hair?
Always do like this when you wash your hair with real hair extension, otherwise it can end up in adisaster! At worst, the extensions become one big tangled ball! Do not brush extensions until it is completely dry, as it comes off easier then.
1st Divide the hair into two parts and brush well with a natural bristle brush, inside and out.
2nd Braid two braids and attached with cords.
3rd Wash the rest of the hair and shampoo braids and scalp.
4th Rinse very carefully, especially the extensions attachments.
5th Distribute conditioner in your hair and leave in for a while.
6th Separate the braids and rinse out the wrapper.
7th Towel dry gently and finish with leave-in conditioner "in the hair.

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How do I remove hair extension?
If you plan to remove the hair extensions on your own it is best to ask a friend for help. Sit in a good light or daylight. Scratching gently up the stitches and be very careful not to damage your own hair, or extensions, for that matter, if you plan to reuse it. 
Comb gently out your own hair. It can be tangeled, so be careful. Do not wet your hair before you comb it because it easier comes of when wet.
It will come off a lot of hair from the braids, but it is hair that you lost naturally during the time you had your hair braided. You will lose up to 100 hairs a day, so after a few months it will be a lot. 
Do not be alarmed!
You can also contact me for help with the withdrawal.

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Can I dye hair extensions?
I do not recommend that you color your extensions. However, you can color the outgrowth of your own hair, if necessary. Dye then the visible outgrowth of the hair covering the extension, then up to your head. Protect the extensions the best you can, and leave it to dye between the lines.
There are people who dye extensions and get good results, but it is at your own risk.You can always try on a small amount of extensions, first, if you absolutely want to dye it. Remember that the extensions has already been treated and is usually dyed when you buy it. To color it repeatedly wears on it and can make it become dull and fragile faster.

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