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" My kids won't have anyone but Bintou to braid their hair, she is very skillfull and she makes it not hurt at all"  - Fatu

"Bintou alway make my hair beutiful and with the best result"

- Mimmi



"For six year I have had my hair braided by Bintou and I won't change" - Sharon



"Great value for the buck, better than a Salon" - Brandon








Bintou weaves and braiding - hair extensions to your home in Sydney


Introduction Offer - 20 % of Salon pricing*

Call me 041 6424783 for details!

I do hair weave hair extensions for any type of hair in the great Sydney area.
As weaves and braids usually takes from 2 h to 8 h I offer you to do it in your home for affordable prices. *
Hair Extensions, hair pieces not included

Any time of day and in the evening.
I have had my own salon for 6 years and am very experienced and my work is appreciated by my customers.

Check out all you want to know about doing hair extensions at my FAQ

Hair Weaving/ Hair Extension in Sydney

A hair weave is a very general term used to describe human or artificial hair used to alter one's natural hair appearance by adding additional hair to your natural hair or by covering the natural hair all together with human or synthetic hair pieces

Example prices Weaves/Extensions
- Weaved hair extensions costs $ 50 per line with your own hair*
- African weaves $ 150 with your own hair depending on what you want, long or short*
*All prices is excluded the cost of hair extensions. Call me for different options for extensions

Some of the benefits of hair weave and extensions are that they can lengthen hair, add volume and/or thickness to fine or thinning hair, and to add fashion colors to natural hair without the damage of chemicals. The process of adding colors to natural hair is usually done with strand by strand extension systems. One type of application is called a sew-in. 

Advantages of using a mobile hairdresser
The beauty of the using me is that you can get really nice weaved hair extensions for a good price! I want to emphasize, however, I am not a salon. I do the work by myself and some hairstyles can take longer than at a salon, where two or more people often help each other with the same hairstyle.

Hair extensions and hair pieces is not included in the price, I can get them for you after consulting of your need or you can get them yourself. You tell me what you want for hair, so I tell you what to consider when making your hair.
Of course, you get tips and advice from me about anything regarding the purchase of hair. It may actually be a good idea to buy the hair yourself from a business with great range, so you get the way you want it.

Here is the most common questions about hair extensions
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How do I wash real hair extensions?
How do I remove the hair extension?
Can I dye hair extensions?

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Bintou Maya Diatta

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Bintou Diatta
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Bintou Diatta

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