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" My kids won't have anyone but Bintou to braid their hair, she is very skillfull and she makes it not hurt at all"  - Fatu

"Bintou alway make my hair beutiful and with the best result"

- Mimmi



"For six year I have had my hair braided by Bintou and I won't change" - Sharon



"Great value for the buck, better than a Salon" - Brandon








Welcome to Bintou weaves and braiding - braiding for children at your home

Children´s brading

Braids offer endless styles and patterns, which look wonderful on children. They last long and there is no need of using chemicals. It is necessary to wash the braids regularly. A biweekly shampooing is necessary to save the scalp or the hair from damage.

You can choose a particular braiding style depending on your preference and hair type. For example, it is advisable to stay away from mini-micro braids if you have brittle hair.

It is necessary to be careful while twisting and turning the braids into different styles, especially if you have a delicate scalp

Hair Brading at your party

Sleep-overs, slumber parties or teenage discos - combined with hair braiding is a fun combination!

Hair Braiding parties are suitable for older children who have grown out of the traditional type of party and always works well at 'sleep-overs' where they can play around with other girlie things like nail painting and make-up practice.


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Please contact me for Inqueries and to book appointments


Phone - 041 6424783

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